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John Collins Sr.
Myron Thornton
Rev. C. B. Robinson
Aldrew Pace
Harlee Watson Jr.
Richard Grisby
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Announcement Clerk - Sis. Stella Mayweather

Asst. Announcement Clerk - Sis. Peggy Huggins

Asst. Sunday School Superintendent - Sis. Albirdia
Baker, Dea. Harlee Watson Jr., Sis. Josephine Clemons

Beautification Committee - Sis. Albirdia Baker, Sis. Gail
Hammock, Sis. Jackie Collins,

Calendar Committee - Dea. Aldrew Pace, Sis. Arlean
Robinson, Sis Arlene Lovelace, Sis. Carla Boles, Sis.
Carol Thornton, Sis. Doris Pace, Dea. Harlee Watson Jr.,
Dea. John Collins

Children Bible Study Teachers - Sis. Arlean Robinson,
Sis. Olymphia Watson

Children Church Director - Sis. Linda Johnson, Sis.
Octavia Toombs, Bro. Robert Toombs (Co-Directors), Sis.
Betty Plant, Sis. Ashley Smith and Sis. Yolanda Wright

Church Clerk - Sis. Bridgette Mayweather

Church Finance Secretary - Sis. Arlean Robinson, Sis.
Arlene Lovelace

Church Secretary - Sis. Arlene Lovelace

Church Treasurer - Sis. Carol Thornton

Funeral Committee - Sis. Bridgette Mayweather, Dea.
Harlee Watson Jr., Dea. John Collins, Sis. Josephine
Clemons, Sis Stella Mayweather

Public Relations Secretary - Sis. Arlene Lovelace

Sunday School Superintendent - Dea. Aldrew Pace
Benevolent Ministry - Dea. Aldrew Pace
(Chairman), Dea. Richard Grisby (Co-Chairman), Sis.
Stella Mayweather

Bread of Life Ministry - Sis. Arlean Robinson (Dir.)
Sis. Arlene Lovelace (Co-Dir.)

Bread of Life Ministry Instructors - Sis. Clarice
Mitchell (Kitchen Aide), Sis. Bridgette Mayweather,
Sis. Cosongla “Tuttie” Grisby, Sis. Deborah Smith,
Sis Olymphia Watson, Bro. Robert Toombs

Family Love Ministry - Sis. Cosongla “Tuttie”
Grisby (Chairperson), Sis. Arlean Robinson, Sis.
Deborah Smith

Hospitality Ministry - Sis. Bobbie Courtney, Sis.
Doris Pace, Sis. Josephine Clemons, Sis. Peggy

Laymen Ministry - Dea. Aldrew Pace (Pres.)

Mission Ministry - Sis. Josephine Clemons

Nurse's Guild Ministry - Dea. Aldrew Pace, Sis.
Correnthia Atkinson, Sis. Doris pace

Transportation Ministry - Bro. James Willis, Dea.
John Collins, Dea. Richard Grisby

Women Ministry - Sis. Bobbie Courtney (Dir)

Youth Ministry - Sis. Stella Mayweather (Dir)
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